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Re: Redhat versus debian

>I have spent four hours online looking at the Linux world today, I must 
>say that it is quite impressive for such a new operating system. So it 
>looks like the choice is beteen debian and redhat, the latter has cd roms 
>available, but no group like this. I would like to hear opinions on redhat

Two quick comments:

1.  RedHat is rather nice... If you purchase it from them you get good
tech support... The packaging tool is pretty nice... Overall a very
well done linux dist.  Wouldn't be a mistake.

2.  Pacific Hi-Tech has CDROM with Debian 0.93R6.  So do some other
vendors.  Just avoid the 'infamous' Infomagic 'Debian 1.0' CD-ROM.

Richard W Kaszeta 			Graduate Student/Sysadmin
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