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Re: Relative symbolic links to standard places

shawn@nfinity.nfinity.com (Shawn Asmussen)  wrote on 18.02.96 in <Pine.BSD/.3.91.960218033319.13231A-100000@nfinity.nfinity.com>:

> Wouldn't it save a lot of problems if you simply mounted seperate
> partitions on /usr/lib and /usr/src, instead of mounting them somewhere
> else and pointing links to them? Then the relative links should point to

The problem is probably that he has moved both to one partition, not two.  
It's a setup I've used myself, long ago, in Slackware times.

And yes, it sure breaks relative symlinks something awful. There doesn't  
seem to be a way to keep them working with this kind of setup.

> the correct places, right? If for some reason you can't or don't want to
> do this, I belive there is a package out there in misc called symlinks
> that helps you track down and manage links on your system.

Recommended. Wish I had had that back then.

MfG Kai

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