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Re: Token Ring for Debian??

On Fri, 16 Feb 1996, Constantino Solano wrote:

> Hello:
> Does anyone have ever hooked a Debian system using a Token Ring adapter?, Is
> that possible at all?
> The thing is I want to setup a system in a part of the building where there
> isn't an ethernet segment readily available. We mostly use Intel Token
> Express, and we have some old PS/2 with it Micro Channel adapters.
> Thank you for your advice.

We're using Slackware with Token Ring without any problems - you just 
compile kernel with TOKEN_RING_SUPPORT (or with 1.2.xx kernels you should 
apply token-ring patch) and it works! When you configure network 
interfaces you use tr0, tr1 .. instead of eth0, eth1 .... and that's all. 
One thing is important - you should check if your TR type is supported by 
Linux at all becouse Token Ring support is not for all TR cards but for 
the most tipical ones. This works with Slackware. I odn't see any reason, 
for which this cannot work with Debian! (But anyway it is crazy but 

Leszek Gerwatowski

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