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Using ipfw


I have been working with ipfw without much success.  What I am trying to do 
is to do a complete deny access from the outside would to our network and 
then specifying individual ports that are accessable.  For example,

# first, disallow all external communication into the network
ipfw add forwarding deny all to 205.241.206/24

# allow all internal communication to the internet
ipfw add forwarding accept all 205.241.206/24 to

# allow WWW access from the external world to a single computer
ipfw add forwarding accept tcp 80 to

Also, issuing the command:

ipfw list firewall

just hangs the command line until I issue a ^C, at which it aborts. 
 Therefore, I can not look at what the firewall's state is.

Another side issue, what is the largest TCP port number allowable?

Thank you for your time and attention.

Richard A. Guay

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