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Re: Mail and news

>sendmail -bp
>will list your queue under sendmail
>sendmail -q
>will attempt to flush it (mail any queued mail)
>Slackware normally queues automatically every 15 minutes,
>but I prefer queueing manually.  If it fails to send the
>first time, it waits until I tell it to try again (i.e. am

sendmail -bp got me a queue of 15 entires, all old outgoing mail. They look 

m0tjet7-00091QC From: mike  (in /var/spool/smail/input)
                Date: Mon, 5 Feb 96 21:20 MST
                Args: -oem -oMP send-mail mike@col.hp.com

sendmail -q immediately gives me a prompt. Doing sendmail -bp again shows 
that all the mail is still in the queue.


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