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Re: Difference between debian and slackware

Dale Scheetz (dwarf@polaris.net) wrote:
: On Wed, 14 Feb 1996, ' ALLAN W. BART wrote:

: > 
: > Hello,
: > 
: > I am looking to go with Linux on a new system I am building, I see all 
: > kinds of offer on morse slackware- so can anyone out there tell me how 
: > ift differs from debian?

: Debian is easier to install, and much, much easier to upgrade due to it's 
: superior package management tools. Debian also follows the File System 
: Standards much more closely than Slackware.
I am using slackware since a long time. I tried debian but I cannot afford
a week to study the installation utility to finally figure out how it works.

Could anyone simplify that? Resolving conflicts between modules is really not my job and I do not know 
the intricasies of these modules.

There should be a way to set up a standard system and then add onto it.

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