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emacs related problems

"BC" == Billy Chow <billy.chow@eng.ox.ac.uk> writes:


  BC> My system:

  BC> Debian 0.93R6
  BC> emacs-19.29-4.deb
  BC> kernel 1.2.13
  BC> ispell-3.1.18-2.deb

  BC> 1.  Emacs doesn't seem to load the site-start.el from the
  BC> /usr/lib/emacs/site-lisp.  when I put the site-start.el file as .emacs
  BC> in my home directory, it works.  It used to work with my Slackware 2.3
  BC> system with emacs 19.28.  I browse through the info files for emacs
  BC> (not very thoroughly I must admit) and could not find anything.

    You might try at `info emacs', then `C-s' (search) on `site-start'.

    I think the basic idea is that, when Emacs starts up, it looks for
these three initialization files in this order:

	1. /usr/lib/emacs/site-lisp/site-start.el

	2. $HOME/.emacs

	3. /usr/lib/emacs/site-lisp/default.el 
    So, if you put a pointer to `/etc/site-start.el' in directory
/usr/lib/emacs/site-lisp, Emacs will find it.

    (Note: If $HOME/.emacs sets the variable `inhibit-default-init' to
a non-nil value then the file default.el is not loaded.)

  BC> 2.  Ispell _within_ emacs doesn't seem to work.  Always complaint at
  BC> the first unrecognised word with `ispell misalignment at <unrecognised
  BC> word> : please retry' or something similar.  Ispell started from a
  BC> shell works fine.

    I distinctly remember running into this problem myself but I can't
remember what the solution was ...

    Are you sure the ispell that starts from the shell is the same as
the ispell that Emacs sees?

    What version of ispell.el are you using?

    (C-h v ispell-version)

    Do you happen to be installing Debian-0.93 packages into your old
Slackware installation? If so, is your old version of ispell still
floating around?

    (ispell -v)


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