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Re: emacs related problems


So your first question was already answered. Debian's setup is *very*
different from slackwares, and for a reason. Spending some time browsing /etc
and it's subdirectories would be a good idea. Learning about the different
options to dpkg is also handy, in this case "dpkg -L emacs | less" would have
revealed that the init-file lives under /etc.

  Billy> 2.  Ispell _within_ emacs doesn't seem to work.  Always complaint at
  Billy> the first unrecognised word with `ispell misalignment at
  Billy> <unrecognised : please retry' or something similar.  Ispell started
  Billy> from a shell works fine.

You didn't tell emacs about ispell. It works fine here with the following in
my personal emacs init files:

;; --- for ispell.el and the ispell 3.1 executable
(autoload 'ispell-word "ispell" "Check the spelling of word in buffer." t)
(global-set-key "\e$" 'ispell-word)
(autoload 'ispell-region "ispell" "Check the spelling of region." t)
(autoload 'ispell-buffer "ispell" "Check the spelling of buffer." t)
(autoload 'ispell-complete-word "ispell" "Look up word + complete it." t)
(autoload 'ispell-change-dictionary "ispell" "Change ispell dictionary." t)
(autoload 'ispell-message "ispell" "Check spelling of mail/news post.")

I can't remember whether I used this prior to using Debian too, and don't
know whether it's overkill because Debian's ispell/emacs know about these
issues, but it works fine for me.


Dirk Eddelb"uttel                              http://qed.econ.queensu.ca/~edd

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