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Re: Problems with Emacs and FTP

> Date: 12 Feb 1996 15:12:00 +0200
> From: kai@khms.westfalen.de (Kai Henningsen)
> > I recommend that this be the standard config.  As you just found out,
> > it causes too many problems to include readline in ftp.
> Nope, Emacs has a (known and AFAIK fixed in newer versions) bug with what  
> it passes to clients as TERM. Ftp is quite ok.

	This is also a bug in the Debian ftp. GNU internally (i.e. we
don't realease or maintain this) has an FTP client that has readline
built in, and it doesn't have the problem with older versions of emacs
that the Debian FTP client does. Readline shouldn't be used if
isatty() is false.

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