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Re: unstable tree mirror sites, where ?

Anno Domini 12 Feb 96 at 11:13, debian-user@Pixar.com wrote:
>   I'm looking for a mirror of unstable tree in France or in Europe.
> I checked 3 sites in France (ftp.ibp.fr, ftp.loria.fr and ftp.univ-angers.fr)
> and only found the stable version (0.93R6) and the base packages of the unstable
> version.
> Do you know another site near France which mirrors all the unstable tree
> (especially, I'd like to get the unstable/binary-i386/devel directory).
You may have difficulties.  Due to the fact the directory structure 
at debian.org has been changed, many mirrors have broken.  They still 
point to development directory.
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