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Re: Lynx/mime/.deb ?

> Bill Hogan:
>        My question is not about "Debian package file types", but about
>    what *MIME* type I should assign to `.deb' files for the purposes of
>    Lynx.
> application/octet-stream should be sufficient.  This is the generic
> mime type for raw data.
> However, application/x-debian-archive might be more appealing, as this
> implies that we might eventually (a) register
> application/debian-archive with IANA, and (b) provide extra options
> (besides save to disk) for mime software.

If we go with the second plan (application/x-debian-archive), then we 
should also modify the appropriate MIME or WWW packages to do the right 
thing with application/x-debian-archive by default.

Quick aside:  application/debian-archive would be an assigned *number*?

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