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Re: Lynx/mime/.deb ?

"DS" == Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:

  DS> On Sun, 11 Feb 1996, Bill Hogan wrote:
  >> I hope I have not asked this question too many times already, but
  >> what is the correct Lynx/mime type for .deb files?

  DS> Lynx is an html browser, mime is an encryption method. What
  DS> these have to do with Debian package file types is beyond me.

    My question is not about "Debian package file types", but about
what *MIME* type I should assign to `.deb' files for the purposes of

    If you have the same Debian-0.93 Lynx package installed as I have,
and you use it to access (say) ftp.microworld.net/debian/debian-0.93,
you should see something like the following.

--------------------------- quote --------------------------------
   Up to debian

Feb 11 13:53  text/plain       .contents.new  1480Kb
Feb  9 08:24  Directory        binary
Feb 11 08:24  Symbolic Link    binary-i386
Jan 30 09:39  text/plain       Contents  1480Kb
Jan 30 09:40  GNU Compressed   Contents.gz  120Kb
Feb  3 10:03  Directory        disks
Feb  9 08:24  Directory        ms-dos
Feb 11 08:24  Symbolic Link    Packages
Feb  3 07:16  Directory        source
--------------------------- unquote ----------------------------

  The third column in this table consists of what I am calling MIME

  You will note, for example, that whereas the MIME type of the file
`Contents' is `text/plain', the MIME type of the corresponding gzipped
file is `GNU Compressed'.

  Ok? That's something that MIME types have to do with Lynx.

  What do MIME types have to do with `.deb' files?

  If we move from the above directory to subdirectory `base/comm', we
see this:

----------------------- quote ----------------------------
   Up to binary

Oct  4 02:00  text/plain       efax-07a-1.deb  68Kb
Sep 26 13:47  text/plain       kermit.README  673 bytes
Jan 13 21:21  text/plain       lrzsz-0.12a-1.deb  29Kb
Jan 20 21:22  text/plain       minicom-1.71-5.deb  63Kb
Jun  5  1995  text/plain       term-2.3.5-5.deb  202Kb
Sep 20 21:30  text/plain       uucp-1.06.1-1.deb  731Kb
-------------------------- unquote -------------------------


    The MIME type of all these `.deb' files is the same as the MIME
type of the file `kermit.README'!

    Now, the thing that led me to come to post this inquiry was the
fact that I got tired of using Lynx to download `.deb' files only to
find they had been corrupted in transmission; eventually I noticed
what I have just pointed out and I wondered if that might be the

    I have since figured out that I can change the file --> MIME-type
mapping that is (I think) compiled into the Lynx binary, by putting an
override in `/etc/lynx.rc', but it is still not clear to me *exactly*
what that override should be.



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