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Re: man problem

Douglas Dike wrote:
> I've recently installed Debian Linux 0.93R6 on my system, and
> I have what I'd consider a serious problem. Whenever I try to
> read the man page for a program, I get the following message:
> troff: fatal error: can't find macro file tty-char
> Which is a problem, seing as how it prevents me from reading
> the documentation for troff, which doesn't have (apparently)
> any ascii docs. Suggestions would be appreciated.
I installed debian from a Yggdrasil cdrom set called "Linux Internet
Archives", and I had this same problem.  I downloaded the Groff package
from the debian archives at ftp.debian.org.  After I installed the groff
package which I had downloaded, the problem went away.  The Yggdrasil
cdrom set was the version entitled "Winter 1996."

I reported to Yggdrasil that I thought their release of this package
must be corrupted, but I have never heard anything from them.  BTW, I
also had trouble with the gcc, emacs, and mh packages.  In the case of
these packages, all of them generated errors during package unpacking.
Again the problem went away when I installed packages downloaded from
the debian archives.  I also reported my problems with these packages to



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