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Re: More questions on smail configuration for SMTP/PPP

Michael Scott Orr writes:
> I want all outgoing mail to be addressed as From:  vielo@wolfenet.com and
> Reply-To: vielo@wolfenet.com, no matter which account on mars it
> originates from. I have smail's visible_name variable set to
> "wolfenet.com", but how do I tell smail what my login over there is?  

What I did for my parents is to set up smail to pull out the 'From'
header and put in a correct one.  You could also stick in a reply-to the 
same way, although with a correct from field, an equivalent reply-to is extra.

If it's not clear how to do this from the documentation (it's mentioned 
in the transports part of man 5 smail), email me directly, and I'll try to
get you the relavent lines.

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