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> It has 2 1-gig IDE hardrives on it, and I are using a DTC 2277VL Vesa
> Local Bus to IDE cacheing controller.  The controller has 4 1x9 meg
> simms on it (which I are pretty sure are good since I pulled them out
> of a working machine).  The machine boots up just fine, and I can
> partition the drives without any problem.  But whenever I run mke2fs
> on any of the partitions, I get a seg fault!

I suggest trying a simple EIDE controller, not a cacheing one. You're 
probably better off having the memory as main memory rather than as cache 
memory anyway - then the kernel can use for cache if it's free, or use it 
for processes instead of swapping.

The other thing I'd check if you're getting random segfaults is the 
memory. Some people have reported having to insert wait states during 
writes on some motherboards.

> P.S. They have been low-level formated at the factory, should I try
>      using the low-level utility on the controller card?

Probably not.

Steve Early

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