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Re: SWI-Prolog, ADL, and Linux `gcc'?

>>>>> Bill Hogan <bhogan@rahul.net> writes:

>   Hello.

>   I am trying to build ADL on my Linux setup, using gcc 2.6.3.

>   Everything appears to compile OK, but near the very end, where
> SWI-Prolog is being linked, I get this:

> --------------------------------- quote --------------------
> Making SWI-Prolog 2.1.11 for i486-linux
> [...]
> gcc  -o pl pl-wam.o pl-save.o pl-stream.o pl-atom.o pl-arith.o
> pl-bag.o pl-comp.o pl-dump.o pl-dwim.o pl-ext.o pl-file.o pl-flag.o
> pl-fmt.o pl-funct.o pl-gc.o pl-glob.o pl-itf.o pl-list.o pl-load.o
> pl-modul.o pl-op.o pl-os.o pl-prims.o pl-pro.o pl-proc.o pl-prof.o
> pl-read.o pl-rec.o pl-setup.o pl-sys.o pl-table.o pl-trace.o pl-util.o
> pl-wic.o pl-write.o pl-term.o pl-buffer.o pl-main.o pl-extend.o
> -ldl -lreadline -ltermcap -lm
> ld: cannot open -ldl: No such file or directory
> -------------------- unquote -------------------

>   Any help in solving this puzzle will be greatly appreciated.

The library the linker is looking for, libdl.a, I strongly suspect was
supposed to have been made previously in the make.  Go to the top of
the ADL directory tree and say "find . -name libdl.a -print".  

If it isn't there, then either the make of it was skipped or it
failed.  Try to find the target libdl.a in one of ADL's Makefile's.

Steve Preston (spreston@gte.com)

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