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Re: Problem with psnfss.

  Rob> I installed all the psnfss related packages on my system, and tried to
  Rob> LaTeX a simple file using the times package.  LaTeXing, dvipsing, and
  Rob> printing the file worked fine, but when I went to try to use xdvi to
  Rob> view the file, I got the following error:

AFAIK using ps2pk requires the Postscript fonts in .pfa or .pfb format, which
most of us don't have.  An easy remedy is to get and compile gsftopk from a
GNU mirror, put it into /usr/local/bin and to change /usr/bin/MakeTeXPK as
the patch below indicates. The output looks great on PostScript printers and
acceptable when passed through ghostscript.

edd@miles:~> diff -C1 /usr/bin/MakeTeXPK /usr/bin/MakeTeXPK.orig
*** /usr/bin/MakeTeXPK  Thu Jan 18 14:02:10 1996
--- /usr/bin/MakeTeXPK.orig     Fri Dec  8 22:20:10 1995
*** 28,31 ****
  # math.berkeley.edu:pub/Software/TeX/gsftopk.tar.Z.
! # edd: ${gsftopk="ps2pk"}
! gsftopk=gsftopk
  : ${MAPFILE=/usr/lib/texmf/dvips/psfonts.map}
--- 28,30 ----
  # math.berkeley.edu:pub/Software/TeX/gsftopk.tar.Z.
! : ${gsftopk="ps2pk"}
  : ${MAPFILE=/usr/lib/texmf/dvips/psfonts.map}
*** 112,114 ****
!   $cmd >/dev/null

--- 111,113 ----
!   $cmd              

Dirk Eddelb"uttel                              http://qed.econ.queensu.ca/~edd

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