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Re: dselect with multiple Packages lists

Nick Busigin writes ("Re: dselect with multiple Packages lists"):
> On Tue, 30 Jan 1996, Kevin M Bealer wrote:
> > The dselect script mounts the drive for you.  When you select [A]ccess
> > select "hardrive" and give the path to it _if_ it is already mounted.
>          ^^^^^^^^^^
> Why would I want to select "hardrive" when I want to install from my CDROM
> drive?   I was able to get dselect to work with your 2nd suggestion though.

He's using an old version of dselect where to install from an
already-mounted filesystem you had to use the `harddrive' option.
More recent versions have a separate `mounted' option.

> Eureka!  That last suggestion worked!  I unmounted my CD-ROM drive with
> a 'umount /cdrom' and let dselect mount it instead and everything 
> appears to have worked beautifully (except for the some packages that
> didn't get configured due to dependency problems).   Hmmm... these
> dependency problems partially scrolled off the screen.  It would have
> been nice to capture them to a file... maybe dselect did that for me...
> I'm going to look around.

No, there isn't any logging yet.  You can get the output again,
though, by selecting Configure from the dselect menu.

> P.S.  Here's a comparison of how I normally mount my cdrom and how
>       dselect mounted it:

Yes.  Don't worry about it.  dselect is supposed not to leave that
lying around, and more recent versions don't.


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