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Re: Debian 1.1 release date?

matt@dat.com writes:

>>> This year...
>>We have an ELF system now, but it is not yet 100% ELF. It runs fine
>>here, but is somewhat troublesome to install. Ian Jackson is working
>>on improving "dpkg" to take care of the installation problems.
>>I will try to get an ELF boot disk done this week. That's one of the major
>>hold-ups. Another is that some package maintainers have not upgraded their
>>packages to ELF yet.
>Do they realize it's kindof important to do that? :)

Yes l-)

FYI, I'm currently working on an ELF build of svgalib and the
(non-free) gopher packages.  The former I hope to get some work done
on this weekend (but then I hoped to get some done last weekend
too...)  Svgalib is (one of) the last remaining shared library
packages which has to be converted to ELF.

The gopher packages will take a little longer, since I'm upgrading
them to the latest version of the gopher software, and also because
svgalib is more important l-)

Richard Kettlewell  richard@uk.geeks.org  http://www.elmail.co.uk/staff/richard/

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