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Re: Install problem

On 31 Jan 1996, R Chris Ross wrote:

>      In the install doc it suggests that a first time installer set 
> up 2 partitions one for the system to run on and a swap partition.  
> This makes sense.  In the section about mounting the partition there 
> is a somewhat involved description on mounting something like 6 or 7 
> partitions.  This cunfused the daylights out of me.  What I was doing 
> is only mounting /dev/hda1 as /.  Is this correct?

The `proper' first time install is on two partitions: one swap (sized
to be, let's say, twice your RAM) and one for / as big as you can make
it. Once you've been running for a while and know how big the parts of
your filesystem are going to be, you may decide it's a good idea to
have separate partitions for any or all of /usr, /home, /usr/src
and /usr/local. The idea is to make it easier to upgrade and recover
from certain disasters. But it also makes disk use less flexible, so
you might choose to stay with just swap and /. You'll need backups

>      After installing the boot disk I was prompted for floppy 1.  
> When I put this floppy in the drive it fold me that this floppy 
> didn't look like the correct one.  I remade the floppy and had the 
> same problem.  How can the contents of the floppy be verified?  (If 
> would be nice if there was something other than rebooting to get out 
> of this error condition.  It doesn't seem too gracefull.)  

As I installed from the cd and two flops prepared by Bruce I don't
know about this one, sorry :(

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