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Re: resetting up

On Wed, 31 Jan 1996, Neil Turton wrote:

> Try /etc/modules (It's fairly self-explanatory.). Out of interest, did
> you reformat the partition? You shouldn't have had any trouble if you
> did, and it should (In my opinion.) have warned you if you didn't.
  Thankyou and everyone who else who helped.  
	Well actually after I deleted out the extra lines in 
/etc/init.d/boot, and halt.  I still had a corrupted windows swap file. 
Dos couldn't read from the partion.  I decided that Windows did not really 
deserve a permanent swap file.    So I went back to debian and edited 
the  fstab file changing my windows swap partition in to a linux swap file.  
Then I edited the the old linux swap into a second linux area. 
	As I rebooted I am sure I heard my computer laughing in my face.  
Well then I had no swap file and lots of error messages.  Coming to my 
senses I reformated the partitions, reinstalled, and reprepared the swap 
area.  I do still have a small secondary 15mg linux  partition that I am 
not sure what to do with.   Everything is else is fine.

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