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Re: 1.3.57 module loading problems

Well, Lauri T. has a solution, but it doesn't help me understand making 
modules work. If I compile the kernel with no module support, it boots up 
and ppp works. However, during boot up, messages about "can't load module 
..." continue to be reported (I assume that's because I have a 
/etc/modules file, which I need to leave installed so I can use the other 
kernel) This isn't a problem because everything works.

Before I tried this I tried Michael D's solution. I did a make mrproper, 
followed by the rest, with no better results. I did choose both "module 
support" and "kernel symbol whatever" options both times and get the same 
result. Memory says that the first time I built this kernel I did 
everyting but the make modules_install and the kernel worked even though 
it complained about the "unsatisfied symbol reference". I can only guess 
that, instead of installing modules properly "make module_install" breaks 
things even worse.

My main reason for finding modules attractive has to do with other new 
users problems installing Debian on small machines (4meg) with special 
scsi or ethernet cards. Currently the method involves including every 
possible driver in the kernel. This makes a big kernel, that, when 
coupled with a ramdisk and buffers, tend to blow 4 meg machines out of 
the water. Being able to choose at installation time, just the modules 
that support your hardware will make these kinds of installs possible.

In addition modules are modular. I know this sounds redundant, but 
modularity issues are hard to inforce on a group project. Forcing drivers 
to fit into modules helps to inforce the modularity issues that reduce 
and localize bugs in the most recently modified module.

The other time modules are useful, are in those machines that are always 
loosing or gaining various hardware controlers, like scsi controlers, 
ethernet cards and such.

Lauri T. is the second person to describe modules as a "collection of 
bugs". To me, this just means that it needs to be FIXED!

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. I really do appreciate it, even 
though I feel nothing has been resolved.

Thanks for all the help,


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