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Re: pppd problem -- modem *not* disconnecting when connection lost.

On Tue, 30 Jan 1996, Rob Browning wrote:
> I've had a problem with my modem, ppp, and detecting disconnections
> for quite some time now, and I have been completely unable to resolve
> the problem.  I thought I'd bring it up now in case anyone had fresh
> ideas.  Feel free to direct me to a more appropriate location if
> warranted.
> Basically the problem is that I can run pppd to connect to my ISP with
> no problems, but then pppd will never die, even if the connection to
> the other machine is lost.  I can pick up the line and hear a dial
> tone, but pppd will still think it's connected.  I assume it's some
> kind of handshaking problem, but I could have sworn I had all that set
> right.

I don't have my Hayes command set here at work, but my recollection is
that you need to send an &C1 and &D2 command to the modem to tell it to
monitor carrier detect and drop DTR when the connection is lost (or does
the &D2 tell it to monitor DTR and hangup?  Well, something like that).  I
see that you are using the &D2, but not &C1 (unless the modem already
defaults to that). 

Also, specify the HUPCL option in your gettydefs/ttydefs file for the
serial port you're using; when you terminate the pppd process from your
end, this will force the modem control lines to be dropped and hang up. 

I'll double check these modem commands when I get home tonight.


   Mike Blatchley

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