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Re: GNU Finger

> Could someone please tell me what the phrase, "The GNU Finger server
> available for Debian" means.

This seems to have become an FAQ.

Peter Tobias said:
> Old netbase packages had a GNU finger entry (commented out by default)
> because someone wanted to create a GNU finger package (but never did) for
> the Debian distribution (>0.91). That's the only reason for this entry.
> Back in the old 0.90/0.91 days GNU finger was part of the Debian
> distribution so Bill might use the old diffs to create a GNU finger package
> himself.
> Peter
> PS: There is also a new finger program which is based on GNU finger. Its
>     name is ICSI finger and it can be found at smorgasbord.ICSI.Berkeley.EDU
>     in the directory /pub/ai/stolcke/software.
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