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Re: No PPP support in Debian kernel/image?

On Fri, 1 Dec 1995, Bill Hogan wrote:

> "BP" == Bruce Perens <bruce@Pixar.com> writes:
>   BP> Are you running 1.2.13-7 ? It's on 
>   BP> ftp://ftp.pixar.com/pub/bruce/Debian .
>   BP> Bruce
>   BP> --
>    No, I am running image-1.2.13-5.
>    Am I to take you to be saying that image-1.2.13-5 does not have
> compiled into it PPP support but image-1.2.13-7 does?

No. I am using the same packages as you do (image-1.2.13-5, ppp-2.2-1) 
and it works fine over here. Your attempt to load the ppp.o module seems 
to choke on some symbols from the slhc.o module.

We could compare our configurations and see what makes the difference. 
Since that involves sending (possably a lot of) stuff not directly of 
interest to this mailing list I suggest we do that outside debian-user.


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