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Re: Can't boot with boot disk & SMC Ultra Card

What I don't understand is that the current computer configuration works 
fine in MSDOS, but if I attempt to install debian linux, it locks up right 
after init'ing the eth0 driver.  I get no problems installing Slackware.  I 
wanted to try debian because of all the good things I had heard about it.

I was installing release 6 of debian linux 0.93.

I don't know were to get "the 1.3.43 kernel."

I do mean decimal irq 10.


From: debian-user-request
To: debian-user; JOHN PRICE
Subject: Re:  Can't boot with boot disk & SMC Ultra Card
Date: Thursday, November 30, 1995 4:12PM

From: JOHN PRICE <JPRICE@adtran.com>
> I can't run the boot install disk with my SMC Ultra network card set at 
> 0x10 and RAM addr at 0xcc00.

Don't you mean 10 in decimal, not 0x10?

A cursory look over the driver didn't yield an easy answer. Have you
tried the 1.3.43 kernel, just to see if that driver is any different?


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