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Re: FTP Installation & Package Naming Conventions

Behan Webster wrote:
> Just to add my 2 cents to the naming convention fray, IMHO the package names
> should probably have the following information in them:
> \1 package name
> \2 s/w version
> \3 package version
> \4 architecture (i386, alpha, sparc, etc.)
> \5 architecture package version
> ^(.*)-([^-]+)-([0-9]+)(\.(i386|alpha|sparc)-([0-9]+))?.deb$

Good, but why reinvent the wheel? Look at NextStep packages:
Only one letter per architecture (thats because of the FAT BINARIES),
something like:

	A= ARM 2/3/6xx
	D= DEC 21xxx (aka 'Alpha')
	I= Intel x86 & comp.
	J= Intel 860                  # Couldn't allocate 'I' twice ...
	M= Motorola 680x0
	P= PowerPC
	R= MIPS R3000 and up

So a (very hypothetical) FAT BINARY for Intel x86, Motorola 68k and PowerPC
would be named:


If that would be a true fat binary (all archs in one binary) or 'just' a
fat package (package providing seperate binaries for different archs)
would stay to be resolved, just like the question how to dpkg should
handle this ...


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