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Re: FTP Installation & Package Naming Conventions

>How about:
>  package-name(version.mj.mn).deb
>  i.e.:
>    XF86-Accel(3.1.2).deb

Putting "()" in a file name is a real pain because it has special meaning
to most shells (eg: it starts a sub-shell in csh).

You'd have to use "XF86-Accel\(3.1.2\).deb" to access the file.  All in
all a real pain.

Just to add my 2 cents to the naming convention fray, IMHO the package names
should probably have the following information in them:

\1 package name
\2 s/w version
\3 package version
\4 architecture (i386, alpha, sparc, etc.)
\5 architecture package version


Elf packges needn't be labelled as such because debian 1.0 is going to be
all ELF anyways.  "aout" packages can be prefaced by "aout-" (just like the
current aout gcc and binutils).



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