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Re: inetd daemon does not start...

David B. Teague wrote:
> Debian 0.93 r6.
> My problem is that I can telnet out, but no one can telnet in,
> nor ftp in. The daemon inetd isn't running, and none of the net
> config files are where I expected them to be, so I haven't a clue
> of where to look to turn this on. 

inetd should be started when you boot your system. The script which
starts the daemon is /etc/init.d/netbase. You can run this script
to start inetd (just type as root "/etc/init.d/netbase start").
If this works and it doesn't work if you reboot your system please
check if there are any symbolic links in /etc/rc1.d, /etc/rc2.d or
/etc/rc3.d pointing to /etc/init.d/netbase. If there are no such
links you can either reinstall the netbase package or you can
create this links by hand with the following command (as user root):

update-rc.d netbase defaults 18

Another possibility is that you either don't have netstd installed
or that the services in /etc/inetd.conf are disabled (one of the
old bootdisks installed an inetd.conf file with all services disabled).


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