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Re: "less" doesn't work on /proc files

On Fri, 1 Dec 1995, Lars Wirzenius wrote:

> Bruce Perens: ""less" doesn't work on /proc files" (Nov 30, 16:08):
>> You could argue that this is a bug in the semantics of the proc filesystem.
> You could also arguet that this is a bug in less.  The size that stat
> gives is old information.  less shouldn't trust it.

cat /proc/kcore | less


stat()ing the file instead of reading it totally and counting bytes is, of 
course, a very high performance gain, well worth the few more keystrokes 
you have to type when you want to see a file in /proc (for example) that 
is longer than a screen. (which one is anyway (that is not viewable in 
other ways, be it with arp, rarp, netstat, pppstats, whatever), /proc/kcore?)


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