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Re: telnet after installation

Greetings, Ricardo Kleemann! In your previous e-mail,  you wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I've just installed the base (5 disk install) plus the netbase and netstd
> packages. The setup is all A-OK. :) I can ping my main server fine, and
> vice versa. Now I tried telnetting from my other machine into the
> newly installed one, but I get "Connection refused". Do I need to
> install anything else, or am I missing some other setup? I wanted to
> be able to telnet before installing all the rest of the packages, so I
> could do it remotely... Also, I tried doing a remote copy (rcp) of some
> packages from my other machine, and got "permission denied" even though
> I was root... Does rhosts need to be set up for rcp to work?
	Check /etc/hosts.deny.  The system installs with tcp-wrapper
and this defaults to a 'paranoid' state, ie, all remote connections
are refused until you change it.

	Do a 'man hosts_access' to see how to set up /etc/hosts.allow
and /etc/hosts.deny.  Tcp wrapper is an excellent security tool, and
you should be able to configure it all without tool much trouble.  



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