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Re: INN/CNEWS package?

>>>>> "Richard" == Richard Kettlewell <richard@elmail.co.uk> writes:

    Richard> If you just want to read news, rather than run a local
    Richard> spool, you don't want INN or C-News but just a newsreader
    Richard> such as trn and a copy of inews.  The inewsinn package is
    Richard> still visible.  It may be that some of the dependencies
    Richard> are buggy, of course...

Not good. I just made a _LOCAL_ debian package customize for the use
in conjuntion with our PPP access for students and staff of our
University.  One point to compete with Mr Gates nightmare is the
ability to read news and mail offline.

Mail is no big deal with popclient being a standard Debian binary,
but News is different. To solve this i debianized SUCK and made it
available. So far so good, but SUCK needs a local newsserver to be
run, either CNEWS or INN. Since INN seemed to be a part of Debian,
i customized the whole setup to use INN. Now i will have to abandon
the whole package if no NNTP server is part of the Debian distribution.

In additon not having a prepackaged NNTP server disqualifies Debian
for the use as basis of a InterNet gateway for LANs.

Could you please elaborate what sort of problems with the INN package
existed? Maybe somebody then decides he/she is  capable enough to take
over the maintenance of the package!


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