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Re: amd script doesn't work

> > If you say "amd start" in /etc/init.d it comes back with the usage
> > msg. Putting echo $1 shows that after the functions file is sourced $1
> > gets corrupted. Just commenting out the line solves the problem. Looks
> > like a bash bug... The functions are not needed, so they shouldn't be
> > sourced anyway.
> > 
> > Does this qualify as a bug report?
> Yes, it's a bug but it has already been reported (I think it was
> Bug#1398).

Not to mention that the current amd is not very usable at all: it lacks
very important capabilites: NIS maps and NETGROUPS, but that has been
reported as well. The fix for this bug is easy: recompile it after you've
edited the config files: they date from some 0.99.x version when there was
not NIS or NETGROUP support under Linux ...

And when the amd has those options it naturally needs to be started _AFTER_
ypbind has come up (and not _BEFORE_ like it is now). But that has been
reported as well.


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