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Bruce's involvement in "Toy Story"

Since I'm getting a few questions a day about "Toy Story" from Debian
correspondents, I'll give you all the scoop at once.

I didn't have much to do with the production of "Toy Story", and my
name doesn't appear in the credits. I am, of course, a Pixar
stockholder. I am presently writing software tools for Pixar's second
film and for our TV commericial production department.

While "Toy Story" was in production, I wrote a portion of the Kodak
Cineon digital film system, which was used to restore "Snow White" and
other films, and is used today to do "wire removal" for live-action 
films - if you see an actor fly or fall very far in a feature film,
it's likely that a cable rig was removed from the image using my

I have seen "Toy Story" about 7 times, in various stages of completion
from storyboard to its final form. I guess I'm somewhat biased, but
I think it's great! I think any adult would love this film, and of
course the kids will too.

If you'd like to see where I work, look for the Disney Channel's
"Making of Toy Story" half-hour special, or watch some of the news
features that are running about the film.

That's really all I want to say about Pixar and Toy Story on this
mailing list. Please mail me privately, off the list, if you have
any more questions.



Visit the "Toy Story" Web Page! http://www.toystory.com

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