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Re: invalid partition table

Bruce Perens writes ("Re: invalid partition table"):
> That's all it takes, is it? I suppose the simple-minded DOS master boot
> record can't deal with that? This is a good argument for us to provide
> a partition boot manager. The only one I've found so far is shareware - we
> need a free one with source code.

See the message below, which I wrote last time this came up ...


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To: debian users <debian-user@Pixar.com>,
    Neil Turton <ndt1001@cus.cam.ac.uk>
Subject: Re: Installing debian from floppies. 

Bruce Perens writes, on debian-user:
> ylin95@netvoyage.net said:
> > Is it possible to add lilo setup during the  installation or someone 
> > correct me if I am wrong. 
> This is an open issue. The problem is that the user may have another operating
> system installed on a different disk partition. To accomodate this sort of
> installation, we should put the LILO boot block in the boot record of the
> partition that we've installed Debian in, not on the master boot record. We 
> should then install a "partition boot manager" on the main boot block, unless
> the user says they already have a partition boot manager installed.
> The problem is that I don't have a partition boot manager that we can
> distribute with Debian. It can't be shareware, and we must be allowed to sell
> it because it is going on CD-ROM. There are several partition boot managers
> floating around in net-land, and I haven't had time to research if one of them
> fits our requirements. You are invited to assist in this task!

I asked Neil about this problem a little while ago, and he wrote such
an MBR.

Neil, I copied `mbr.tgz' and `mbr' from CUS into chiark's anon-ftp
area.  Bruce: perhaps you'd like to take a look at it ?

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