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Re: invalid partition table

  Bruce Perens writes:
> From: orloff@lapphp0.in2p3.fr
> > 1) For the invalid partition table:
> > I got the same problem, because I declared both the DOS (/dev/hda1 for you I
> > guess) and Linux (/dev/hda3) as bootable.
> That's all it takes, is it? 

  I first created the linux partition, then the swap partition (you know
  in this country we always do things the other way round.) So when the
  linux partition is created, it is not bootable. When the swap partition
  is created after that, the programm defaults it to be bootable. That
  brought me to the idea to bootablelify the linux partition as well. 
  After all, why not? ;-)

  To fix my problem I needed to remove the bootable flags on both hda2
  and hda3. 

  Many thanks to all who have replied!

  Thomas Krichel                               mailto:T.Krichel@surrey.ac.uk

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