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Re: EtherExpress PRO -- help?

Hmmm.  I've looked at the Ethernet-HOWTO, this is what I see:

  3.18.2.  Ether Express PRO

  Status -- Not-Supported

  This card uses the Intel 82595. If it	is as ugly to use as the i82586,
  then don't count on anybody writing a	driver.

This is the HOWTO which was installed on my system by the R6 installation.  
Now that I look at the Ethernet-HOWTO on the www site, I see indeed what 
you said.  Hmmm, guess somebody forgot to update the HOWTOs for the 
release?  In any case, I'll contact  Bao Chau Ha to see what I can come up 
with.  Thanks for the lead.

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>From Michael Alan Dorman <mdorman@lot49.med.miami.edu>, on 11/10/95 12:40 
To: <Matt_Hamilton@bangate.compaq.com>
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On Fri, 10 Nov 1995 Matt_Hamilton@bangate.compaq.com wrote:
> which has a built-in EtherExpress PRO adapter.  I've done a little 
> and found out that eexpress is semi-supported, but not eexpress PRO.  

Actually, the EtherExpress PRO is at least as supported as the 16 (I had a
16 for several months.  It was fine for most work, but if I tried to FTP
to another machine on the local segment, I was _guaranteed_ a hang). 

To get the EtherExpress PRO driver (which is currently not in the kernel
-- unless it's in 1.3.x) look at the Ethernet-HOWTO, and search for
EtherExpress PRO.  It'll give you the email address of the person who
wrote the driver.  You just copy the file into the correct directory,
apply the patch and go. 

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