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Re: smail confusion

Marcelo Magallon writes ("Re: smail confusion "):
> On Wed, 8 Nov 1995, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > James A. Robinson writes ("Re: smail confusion "):
> > > So what I need to do is add MX record for all the hosts that I want
> > > able to receive mail?  That works well enough! :)
> > 
> > Hmm.  You shouldn't need to do this.  I tried looking at the source,
> > but it's too opaque for me, so I've mailed smail3-maintainers.
> I think James meant that he has to include an MX record for every host in 
> the domain in order to make things like user@host work, instead of 
> user@host.domain, when mailing things inside the domain. At least, that's 
> the behavior I'm getting here, too.

Yes, I understood James to mean that.  I was saying that you shouldn't
need to add those MX records.  You need to do this only because of a
bug in Smail, which I am trying to get fixed ...


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