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As a few of you have noticed, I moved the debian-1.0 directory into
public view last night.  All new and updated packages are now being
moved into this directory.  (A few people have asked about this.)

Release 6 is remaining, untouched, in the debian-0.93 directory.  If
a package is released that closes a security hole or fixes a serious
bug, it will be moved into both the debian-0.93 and debian-1.0 trees.
Everything else will go only to debian-1.0.

We hope that this policy will be acceptable for everyone: the people
who want a stable, unchanging release; and the people who want to live
on "the bleeding edge" with us.

Fairly soon, new compiler and library packages will be released for
debian-1.0 that default to ELF instead of a.out.  After this happens,
debian-1.0 will gradually migrate to ELF.  We haven't determined the
particulars yet, so only people who are ready for potential problems
should be using 1.0, for the moment.

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