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speaking of system time, I can't set mine across boots

Hi, ever since the change back to EST from EDT, my system clock has
been an hour fast.  I set it with date --set, and the time remains
changed for the duration of the session, but when I reboot, it's back
to being an hour fast.  I boot via an MSDOS-MBR -> linux partition with LILO.  
If I reboot and then go to either DOS or Debian, the clock is still
the old time too.

My machine is standalone, and I have xntpd installed but the daemon
turned off.  The same thing happens if I use ntpdate to set the clock
while I am ppp'd to a network.  The same thing happens if I set the
time while su'd to root or actually logged in to root.

If I set the time with the MSDOS time command, the system stays

Any ideas on what the problem is?

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