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Re: Standards for httpd files (was: Re: Fast httpd (not cern))

On Sat, 4 Nov 1995, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:

> > Is there a debian version or at least some suggestions
> > for where to put things to conform to the File system standard?
> This is also part of what's held me up.  I've sort of appropriated
> /var/lib/apache-httpd, but I don't know if that's appropriate --- there's
> bits of the FSSTND that I find, uh, unclear. 

We also use Apache Server, because it's much better than NCSA, but I 
don't klnow about CERN. Since it's not part of the Debian distribution we 
(will) install it under /usr/local/etc/httpd. In this way, if anything 
goes wrong, and we are forced for some reason to install all over again, 
we can always "save" non-debian stuff easily: just make a backup of every 
"local" directory in the system, and all of the configuration files. But, 
like you, we are clueless about where it "should" go. I think /var/lib is 
ok... but we usr /usr/local/etc because that's waht NCSA uses (at least 
version 1.3).

> Anyone have any opinions?  The cern-httpd maintainter (Ted H.?) wrote a
> nifty script to give people a ridiculous amount of configurability in the
> post-inst---should I adapt this for apache, or should we establish
> "standard" places and groups and such? 

Well, Apache is still on develop, but it seems pretty stable at this 
moment. Here we use a www group for the people who do html stuff, and the 
server runs under nobody/www, standalone. Since the documentation is not 
out yet, I'm a bit confused about other stuff (like cookies or custom log 
files, for example).

> If apache would serve your needs, drop me a line. 

For what he says, Apache may do the work.

Just my opinion,


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