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Re: [Q] Boot floppy problems

marc@leonardo.ls.huji.ac.il said:
> I'm fairly experienced with Linux (having installed more than 20 
> various  systems with wildly varying hardware) nad, were someone to 
> provide me with a boot floppy that'd allow me to install the thing, 
> I'd be more than willing to churn out 5-15 boot-floppy images for 
> varying hardware configurations and do it on a regular basis (say 
> every 5 patch levels).

I'm certainly glad to have help, though I doubt more than 4 different boot
floppies are necessary. The very latest set of boot floppies in
ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/debian-0.93/disks should work for anyone
who has an Adaptec 1542. I removed the buslogic driver from this kernel.



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