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A bone to pick...

To those developers with _sparse_ doc files:

Hey guys and gals, PLEASE make a small text doc file whenever you change the 
configuration file directory for a package, and let us know where to place
the configuration files. Point in case: UUCP 1.05 looked at /usr/lib/uucp
for it's configuration info; UUCP 1.06 looks at /etc/uucp. I was forced
to write a directory extraction tool and filter UUCICO to find this small
but vital piece of info.

------------------------ To keep from reinventing the wheel -------------
# getdir - a simple directory extraction tool
# by Thomas Kocourek
# USAGE: getdir <binary_file>

cat $1 | tr -cs '[\0[:print:]]' '[\001*]' | tr -d '\001' | tr '\0' '\n' | grep "/" | more

# end of getdir
================================== enjoy! ===============================
* Thomas Kocourek      KD4CIK        *
* UUCP: dragon!westgac3!tomk         *
* INTERNET: tomk@westgac3.dragon.com *

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