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re: Installation etc.

>> still doesn't mount. Get the same - mount:wrong fs type or bad superblock
>> error message.
>Hm. But later in this message you say you can mount one CD, just not this
>one. It might be worthwhile asking the CD creator for some hints.

The CD that will mount, is one created by the drive. The ones that wouldn't
mount are all commercialy produced CD's that work flawlessly in DOS, but
wouldn't mount here. I have tried about six different commercial CDs and
none of them will mount.

>> /lib/modules/1.2.1/scsi/eata.o What do I do to either get it in the right
>> place or get the loader to recognize it?
>I don't think this matters for your SCSI drive.
Well, maybe not, but I'd still like to know how to deal with it. (it is
after all a scsi driver)

>The system is pre-release and currently under development - sorry that
>you're having problems because of that.
>	Thanks
>	Bruce

Well, I have never minded getting muddy, as long as I have something to show
for it and can clean up later :-)

YHS Dale

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