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Re: portables, mail, and sporadic connectivity

Craig Metz writes:
>Ian Jackson writes:

>>Don't use Sendmail.  Use Smail.  The Debian Smail package can be
>>used like this.
>	Unless you have bad network connectivity. Smail 3.1.29 bit me
>BADLY this way; it does not deal well with frequent network
>problems. Sendmail is, of course, a huge security hole, but it does
>handle network problems well.
>	If you have good network connectivity, however, Smail is fine.

What is ``bad network connectivity'' defined to mean here?

I'm using Smail from home, bringing the modem up only occasionally;
everything just works - if I send mail when the modem is down (as
now), it sits in the queue until I bring the connection up (I put a
call to runq in /etc/ppp/ip-up.)

	sfere:richard$ smail -V
	/\oo/\ Smail3.1.29.1 #29.33

Richard Kettlewell
<richard@elmail.co.uk>                   http://www.elmail.co.uk/staff/richard/

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