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Re: portables, mail, and sporadic connectivity

Norman Walsh writes ("portables, mail, and sporadic connectivity"):
> I apologize for the fact that this query is only obliquely debian.
> Never-the-less...
> I'm considering installing debian on a laptop.  [...]
> Can a system be configured (i.e., has anyone configured debian) so that
> a reply sent when the system is not connected is silently saved until
> a connection is established and then sent.  [...]
> I imagine that sendmail can be setup to do this, but the default behavior
> is warnings and errors after hours and a few days.  Is the solution as
> simple as uping some warning and expiration times?

Don't use Sendmail.  Use Smail.  The Debian Smail package can be used
like this.

Simply install and configure it in the normal way, and remove the
regular queue run from the `mail' user's crontab (ie, edit
/etc/smail/crontab and use the `crontab' command to reinstall the mail
crontab).  Then when you want to send the mail off your machine say
`runq', and it will run the queue and deliver the mail (to your
provider's smart-host, if you configured it that way).

If you want to change the timeouts, try `man 5 smail'.  Smail doesn't
currently do warnings for `overdue' mail.


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