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image package desupported for 1.3.x series of kernels

The problem of modules not linking is worse for 1.3.19 than for 1.3.18 .
None of it is terribly difficult to fix, but I don't have the time
to track it as new kernels are released almost daily and feed patches
to Linus as the problems are fixed. Thus, I'll only support the kernel
binary image package for the 1.2.x series of kernels for now , and will
upload the 1.3.x kernels in source form so that you can make your own
custom configuration.

Any kernel hackers out there with time on their hands? I'd like to see
people work on:

	1. Making SCSI driver modules work. I think they're almost there.
	   I heard that they would soon be able to probe the scsi bus for
	   devices after module loading, but I don't see the tool to do that
	   yet. If I could break the SCSI drivers out into modules, it would
	   help with the problem of the too-large generic kernel. 

	2. Modularizing things that aren't modularized yet.

	3. Making sure that all presently-modularized drivers actually
	   work as modules.


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