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Encountering Debian distribution

Richard Tietjen writes:

>Is the absence of MAN on the basedisk installation a bug that I
>should attempt to report formally?

I assume the idea is that the documentation will be sufficient to get
you through to the stage of installing the man package without having
to read any man pages.

>I also seek clarification on the expert installation's
>recommendations on disk partitioning.  There are something like 10
>directories off the root.  The web page makes no mention of /tmp,
>/boot, etc.  Should I just infer that the recommended procedure is
>one partition for each of those directories, plus one for /usr/local?
>That seems like a lot of partitions.

At home, I have separate partitions for /, /var, /usr, /home and
/usr/local.  At work, the same, only no separate /usr/local partition.
Some people seem to like to put /tmp on a separate partition.
Anything else is probably unnecessary unless you have unusual
requirements; there does seem to be a range of opinions on the

A friend with a larger (non-Debian) system has four home partitions,
/home_[1-4], you might want to think about something like that if you
have a lot of users.

OTOH my previous system had a single huge partition for everything,
and that didn't cause any problems at all; though large partitions do
take longer to check when fsck has a look at them.

Don't forget about swap space.


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