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Re: lynx-2.3.7-4.deb:Basic setup?

> From: Barry Masterson <jbarrm@panix.com>
> Subject: lynx-2.3.7-4.deb:Basic setup?
> I just picked up the lynx package; lynx-2.3.7-4.deb
> It installed without any problems. However I have been unable to
> find any setup instructions. The /etc/lynx.cfg file offered some clues.

For ``file:'' type data on your local system, you can invoke lynx like:
	lynx foo.html
where foo.html is the html file to start with.  If you want to set up a
server for other systems to reference or if you want to refer to ``http:''
type data, you need to install the cern-httpd package.

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