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Re: Boot Freeze

Followup to:  <9507272203.AA26043@rem.ods.com>
By author:    david@rem.ods.com (David Engel)
In newsgroup: linux.debian.user
> > I had a similar problem myself. The fix is easy. Rawrite3 will not
> > work properly under an OS/2 DOS session.
> > 
> > To fix the problem, shorten the filenames to 8.3 format for use under
> > DOS and copy them to your DOS partition. Then boot DOS and Rawrite3
> > the images to to the floppy disk. That should give you a good bootdisk
> > and the three basedisks.
> Rawrite 2.0 works fine for me under OS/2.

Here is an important note: RAWRITE 3 is *not* based on RAWRITE 2 -- in
fact, it seems to be just RAWRITE 1 with a prettier screen.  RAWRITE 2
is 5-6 times faster, and lets you run it completely from the command
line if you want.

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